For the past twenty years I have been at the forefront of technology and software developments for the online gaming industry. Now I am looking for new challenges.

I have invested in Camden and Holborn, two of London’s most exciting areas. I believe that “go to” destinations with fantastic buildings and great facilities will be a natural fit with the co-working revolution that is starting to change the way we work.

I believe the age of the office is coming to an end and more individuals, SMEs and traditional offices are going to try this new approach. There are currently 1.6 million co-workers but this will grow to over 4 million with more and more traditional businesses – like law firms and accountants – joining in.

We would like, through our investments, to re-define co-working; building eco-systems with interconnected buildings and creating communities globally. This is something new, a more fluid way of working and I think it is the future for many of us.

I also think that e-commerce is going to transform the world.  Its potential is vast and offers business opportunities as well as the possibility of creating large numbers of jobs in the future. Currently, e-commerce is not safe for consumers – with too many websites being hacked, customer information being compromised and online fraud rife. I want to take the security know-how that we developed in software gaming and apply it to retail sites. Only when consumers know it is safe to shop, will e-commerce finally realise its full potential.

I am excited to be further expanding into e-commerce, co-working and property and to connect everything into the digital revolution which has only just started.

It is a very exciting time to be a property and tech entrepreneur.